Author: Sallie Ross (wife of our Bishop Ken Ross) wrote a full lent devotional a few years ago.  We’ll be using a few selections from it during our church’s observation of lent.

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. Psalm 96:3

There is no limit to the expansiveness of the Father. There is an obvious limit to our ability to comprehend that expansiveness. I am certainly guilty of responding many times in a very cautious way to verses such as this throughout the scripture. I was unable to see how I could be obedient other than taking on a nomadic lifestyle. But our Father is so very creative.

In His weaving, He is continually bringing people into our lives who we have an opportunity to influence. We are called to live the gospel. There is no way in our maximum creativity that we could see who is going to go where and touch whom. And so our call, rather than grand design or figuring out connections, is to be faithful. We are to be faithful to the promptings we find on our hearts–understood or not, to be faithful in giving reason for the hope that lies within us, to be faithful in prayer for those we know, for those who have been brought to our attention, for those we will never know but can lift before the Father.

What a glorious command, to be able to see the Lord’s hand, to be drawn close to the Lover of our soul, and to go tell people. A sincere heart that is overflowing can be an amazing means of encouragement and calling forth. We don’t need to worry about the who; we need to be attentive and we need to be obedient.

And then, as is so often so with God, we will have stories come back to us about how even a very cursory sharing or distant connection provided life-giving encouragement. May we be intentional in our own lives about sharing those stories, as well. There is a world–next door and beyond–that is dying to know Jesus.

–Father, forgive me my calculating. Forgive me the places where I hesitate rather than obey in sharing You with others. Forgive me when I become cynical about my part in the Kingdom. Give me glimpses of how creatively and extensively you use even the smallest of connections as a means of really saving and giving life. Increase my faith and my joy in sharing, that You may be glorified.