Author: Sallie Ross (wife of our Bishop Ken Ross) wrote a full lent devotional a few years ago. We’ll be using a few selections from it during our church’s observation of lent.

They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in
Zion. Psalm 84:7

I have to confess that a cursory reading of this echoes with the strain
of the prosperity gospel and makes me quite uncomfortable.
Somewhere along the line the faith has become infused with a
designer mentality– that I might design how and when it is that the
Lord blesses me. Truth be told, the Lord has blessed me with a
design that is bigger and more beautiful than I might ever dream of or
imagine. It is complete. The awareness of that is humbling beyond
all measure.

But if we return to verse 5 in this psalm, “blessed are those whose
strength is in you”, then we can understand just what this verse is
saying. It is the strength of the Father that takes us to Him. We go
from strength to strength, from Him to Him. Our steps may be
stumblings on a rocky path—He is our strength. Our steps may be
firm grips on a road without obstacles–He is our strength. We may
not be able to step, so broken from the circumstances of our
world–He is our strength.

The more that we are able to keep our eyes on Jesus as we make this
journey, the more readily we can reach up as we begin to fall. The
more we are able to keep our eyes on Jesus, the more intimately we
can express our love as He stills our heart. The more we are able to
keep our eyes on Jesus, the less resistance we offer as He reaches
down to carry us.

There is certainty of strength in this verse, and there is also certainty
that our destination is “before God”. Even if we have to be carried
every step from now on, we will stand before the Father in His power
and strength.

–Father, please give me the grace to exchange my own inadequate
strength for yours. Forgive me my fierce independence and
rebellious ways. Let me be carried in your strength, that I might
know my complete need and your complete sufficiency. It is there
that life is found.