Author: Sallie Ross

Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord. Psalm 102:18

Oh that the stories of God’s redemptive work on this earth would be captured, kept, and remembered. There is such an incredible vision in this heart desire.

I have a friend whose father was a pastor, with a life full of stories of God’s work in his life and the lives of countless others. My friend grieves that those stories were not recorded before his father died; he grieves that what were so many deeply encouraging acts of God on behalf of His people are lost. They are obviously not lost in the blessing that the original act imparted, but they are lost to those beyond that generation.

Our faith is built up by hearing the stories. We are lifted from places of despair by the hope that was breathed into those who went before us. We need people to “talk Jesus to us”. We need to be telling the stories, that we might be encouraged to look beyond the ordinary to just how the Father is working. And it is so important for us to have an eternal perspective. We are not temporal beings. What happens to us now, what we share with others, has the potential of carrying on throughout eternity. It sounds big, and He is.

What I love about the focus of this verse is that it is not about something being written so that people can know me and know what God did for me. But rather “that a people not yet created may praise the Lord.” Eyes that are fixed upon Jesus in love look for every way possible to take that love into the world–to let the whole world know. Eyes that are fixed upon Jesus catch glimpses of glory that others pass by. But
still those whose hearts are after Him will try to catch those who missed Him and let them see Him, too.

–Lord God, I want to see you. I want to see you in every situation of my life. And as I see you, I want to tell people. Spoken or written, I want the word to be preserved, “that a people not yet created may
praise You,” and that your glory may be seen by all.